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Staying Ahead of the Competition

How to create added value and gain a sustained competitive advantage as a result of developing a diverse workforce. By making some simple changes, you can achieve significant cost savings for your business leading to greater profitability.


To highlight the notion of diversity, consider a jar of red jelly beans and assume that you will add some green and purple jelly beans. Many would suggest that the green and purple jelly beans represent diversity. But instead, diversity is represented by the    resultant mixture of red, green and purple jelly beans. When faced with a collection of diverse jelly beans, most managers have not been addressing diversity, but instead, have been addressing how to handle the last jelly beans added to the mixture…. The true meaning of diversity suggests that if you are concerned about racism, you include all races; if you are concerned about gender, you include both genders; or if you’re concerned about age issues, you include all age groups. In other words, the mixture is all inclusive. Thomas (1996)

How can we Help?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ option as there are many different facets to each program. Individual strategies are tailored to suit your organisations business needs. Enquire now for a free initial consultation to discuss your particular needs and to see how BiznessWins can assist you in achieving your goals.