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What happens if…

A key employee is no longer able to do their job due to serious illness or injury?

Will you still be able to operate as a sustainable business?

What impact will it have on your customers and how will it affect your bottom line?


The consequences of this happening can be:

  • Loss of key knowledge and skills

  • Increased costs of recruiting new staff

  • Disruption to your customers

  • Creates instability within other staff members

  • Reduced profitability

What is the answer?

A comprehensive rehabilitation program that is personalised to the individual that can

help the employee return to their original job or something very similar.



What are the benefits?

  • Retention of key skills and knowledge – this is valuable when there is an employment history in the role 

  • Reduced costs – often the cost of rehabilitation is less than the cost of recruiting another worker

  • Maintain stability within customers

  • Grow loyal and committed staff – when staff see that the employer goes the extra mile, they will often become more loyal and committed.

  • Retain profitability.


What work means to me is that it gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It gives me a routine and social contacts within the workplace and the opportunity to form friendships with colleagues.

The work keeps my skills up to date and keeps my brain active.

John Blakeman

Admin Support, Bay of Plenty District Health Board

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