A question that many people ask themselves at least once during their working life and has a deeper significance than just quitting a job. It generally infers that an employee is no longer getting the satisfaction from the job that they want, and the organisations goals and values no longer align with the employees’ goals and values.

As an organisation this presents a major problem. Many people say that people leave managers not companies. While this may be true in many cases, more people entering the workforce are choosing to work for companies that have goals and values that they can relate to. Money itself is often not a determining factor if the values of an organisation are contradictory, or don’t reflect the values of the surrounding community.

As a business, sharing your companies’ values with your employees is important. Even more important is involving employees in the development of a mission or value statement that incorporate their values as well.

A mission statement defines a company’s goals in three important ways:

  • It defines what the company does for its customers
  • It defines what the company does for its employees
  • It defines what the company does for its owners

It should be an eloquent, concise paragraph full of meaning and impact. Be clear and specific, and you’ll highlight the core of what makes your venture unique and worthwhile.