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About Us

For over 25 years I have owned and operated successful businesses.

I have managed a large number of staff from a variety of backgrounds including ethnic, cultural and educational.

The various dynamics of the different groups involved has helped me understand the necessity to have a clear foundation for assessing jobs and the skills required to do these jobs.

This experience has helped me develop a clear picture of how to proceed with helping a business set up policies and procedures prior to advertising roles, taking full advantage of diversity within the workplace to identify additional markets, increase productivity and leading to greater profitability. 

In a business world that changes constantly, it is important to put in place basic steps that lead to good Job Design and adopt a robust Skill Assessment process to get the best results. These two basic requirements are specific to your own business needs.

The benefits of such policies will lead to a more innovative and creative organisation. Understanding the dynamics of your workforce, ensures that you look outside the norm to attract people from various backgrounds.


My business background has given me a comprehensive insight that enables me to accurately assess business requirements, develop business strategies and support innovative processes.

Warren Scobie