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Disability Employment Voice

To give all people with disabilities a voice in employment

The 6 Building Blocks for Success

By making some simple changes, you can achieve significant cost savings for your business.

The six key building blocks are important in achieving these changes.

Each building block creates the foundation to support your current business needs and address future growth.

Policies and Procedures need to be flexible enough to work for everyone, to include employees from a variety of backgrounds

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Having a diverse workforce shows you are an inclusive employer that values employees’ unique qualities. This makes you more attractive for candidates who look to work in a company that recognises their potential and will support them to achieve

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Specification of the content of a job, the material and equipment required to do the job, and the relationship of the job to other

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The skills and talents to which a job holder requires to do the job

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Diverse workgroups tend to collaborate more and are more creative in their solutions leading to increased productivity

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Specific tasks, behaviours, and results need to be assigned, then measured, which requires that someone be held accountable

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